Intellectual Property and Patents

The look up table is made by manufacturer by using the Sp O2 values in different sites of healthy subjects. The ratio of 0.5 is equal to 100 percent of SpO2 a ratio of 1 is equal to 82 percent of SpO2 and a ratio of 2 is equal to 0 percent of SpO2. 1
According to [2] the intellectual property of Oximeter lies in its design of low cost, miniature, light weight, ultra low power, intelligent sensors capable of customization. The system design of monitoring health applications finds seamless integration of body activities. While configuring the intelligent sensor the challenge of system designers are considered. This needs the platform featuring a low power micro controller. It consists of low power programmable logic device, a communication interface, and signal conditioning circuit. The combination and integration of the above systems will find application in medical and health needs. The easy customization, runtime reconfiguration and energy efficient computation and communication is needed for medical technology. The intellectual property is result of common platform for multiple physical sensors and a repository of both software procedures with hardware acceleration. The control of alleviation of costs also will come under intellectual property by following the transition of a new generation of sensors. 2
The intellectual proper…
2. IP Protection
According to reference [3], the Patent is needed for IP protection. This can be granted for a device, substance, method, process that is new, inventive and useful to people. After granting the patent the intellectual protection is done by legally enforcing the exclusive right to the owner and grants commercial exploitation. This commercial exploitation resulted in advances in medical technology. In Australia the patents are of two types. Generally the standard patent can give long term protection and control over invention. If the applicant is not that much rich or able to bear the cost, he/she can take the patent for a maximum of 8 years. The protection for new technology will lead to different products in medical technology like different types of Oximeters. The commercial gain in using Oximeters resulted in its advances in technology used in it. When the further research is done and the time of patent is over the information becomes public. The mathematical models and artistic creations cannot be patented. The medical technology is not in the list that cannot be patented and this enabled the commercialisation of medical technology. This commercialisation gave more funds for further research. 3
2.1 Prior Art: Cancelled matter in the application file of US patent can come under Prior Act. This can be used as prior act as of the patent and contributes to prior public knowledge. When an abandoned application was previously published, that is disseminated by US Patent and Trademark Office by using electronic media. This can be made available to public and are open to inspection of public by obtaining from the office of patents. This information is available under 37 CFR 1.11 9a) and can be used as prior act under 35 U.S.C 102(a) or 102 (b) as of the