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Intellectual property ensures that the products are out into market from the original effort and curbs adulation.
A property which is exclusive achievement of a particular company is guided by the intellectual property right according to the constitutional legal process existing in the country. Thus the intellectual property provides exclusive right to have freedom to work on the application or product and eliminates others to copy your effort. A resource or goods should be allowed to own and benefit from it, and the rights should describe whom should property rights be vested for those resources Second, what constraints should be covered in those rights consist of
Intellectual Property: a term often used to refer generically to property rights created through intellectual and/or discovery efforts of a creator that are generally protectable under patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, trade dress or other law
Intellectual property rights is now used extensively as a business parameter due to competition, product differentiation and process flow gaining much importance in running a business entity. According to the nature of business operations and systems intellectual property rights have been classified to address a specific area of concern.
Design: A right gives exclusive rights …
Copy rights related
Copy right: A right which authenticates an individuals or an organisation work not to copied, reproduced, summarized or redistributed in any form without the concern of the initiator.
Design: A right gives exclusive rights on the individuals or an organisation to proceed legally if any party copy sell or redesign the same features under other name, thus conferring rights to the first initiator.
Patent: An exclusive recognisition for the utilities, design process flow thus not allowing others to copy sell or redistribute the original idea but others can quote the work for another application in any other form.
Trademark: Are the distinguish features like symbols, design, words, caption or a sentence which is entitled to a single organisation. This confers that the products or service is from one brand.
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Trade secret: A trade secret is an management tool that is kept in the internal walls of an organisation which is vital in the success of a feature, product or a process flow different from other business entities.
Intellectual property has a greater significance in this period of globalization as it enables us to locate and protect every aspect which drives your revenues. An IP policy makes the organisation to stand ahead of others in competition and which are very unique and exclusive to your organisation. The advent of new technologies which can tap the essence of any new product or application of the process is an important aspect to observe as it gives opportunities to the competitors and the pirate professional to imitate and