Intelligent Building

e process is very vital when designing an intelligent building and they are designed to meet the social and environmental needs and have enough availability of resources. Intelligent buildings help people work more effectively and efficiently and it is, therefore, easy to cope with the social and technological changes.
These intelligent buildings are designed by the architectures those have knowledge and skills on the same and not anyone who can do that. To come up with an intelligent construction is not easy, but with the help of today’s technology, things have been simplified. To bring out an intelligent building, it must be well designed, constructed and implemented. This will attract many people leading to high demand hence high profitability. The main reason for every organization is to earn income.
An integrated construction helps people carry out their businesses easier by integrating all the processes and resources together and this saves time and energy. The total time that is expected to be used to accomplish a job is reduced hence saving energy. Technology has reduced manpower and labor hence making work easier and faster.
Design: This process requires more work and thus, a little more cash. The resource executives have to learn on how to justify the added costs for longer design time, additional processes and non-standard equipment (Smith, 2010). This step requires more interaction with new designers for them to make design work easier. Even though they find it difficult, they have to forge the relationships with members of a design team. This helps them get new ideas that help them in designing process and these other members of the team also make contributions during the whole process. This step is the most critical stage since it is from the design where by contractors come up with an intelligent building and if the design is not excellent, the total results will not be excellent too.
Construction: In integrated design process, there are