Megan Bowen02/04/2020 Professor Cozen Comm 146Interest Paper- Mental Health in Student AthletesI am a communication major so must take this class to fulfill my requirements for the course, however, this class will set me up to understand the in-depth reasoning behind communication. The only rhetoric class I have taken in the past is rhetoric in English, not communication; I learnt about Plato, Socrates and all the pervious rhetors that formed the basis on how we communicate today. You could argue that learning it in English and now in communication it could be very similar or the same, but we aren’t focusing on what they wrote or spoke of but why and how. In this paper I chose to analyze a TedX talk from a student athlete Victoria Garrick called ‘Athletes and mental Health: The hidden opponent’, it discusses the challenges that she faced with mental health, and the struggles maintaining a top sport on a colligate team. The reasons behind this are based on the broad ideas and opinions people have on student athletes and mental health separately and together.College athletics is a huge industry, an incredible achievement to get into a division 1 college on an athletic scholarship, but behind all this there are some dark truths. The TedX talk from Victoria Garrick explains these truths from an athlete’s perspective, this is conflicting to the ideas that an average student or outsider has, it explains what is happening behind closed doors. This artifact was gripping to me, it is something that I completely relate too; the artifact itself is a more personal approach to understand what is happening in regard to mental health in student athletes than just reading an article online. To me personally it is easier to find an artifact that I can easily relate too, something that is grossly underappreciated and classed as embarrassing, such a topic as mental health. There were no obstacles in retrieving artifacts for this interest, it is such a broad area that I am interested in finding more information about. There are artifacts everywhere about topics such as this, articles, speeches, documentaries, all gripping a relatable. In this class I am aware that I have much to learn, understand the way in which we communicate and why, the best ways to communicate, and the best evidence and artifacts to find for a specific topic. Finding an artifact for a topic that you are deeply invested in is different than having to find one that your heart isn’t in. With regards to this paper I am already thinking about ideas of where I can focus my information on next, where can I understand different political views behind this topic? What are the families of these student athletes going through? Mental health and student athletes separately. With regards to this class I would like to be able to find these sources and write about them in a way that grips a reader and helps me understand the reasoning behind such communication methods.