Interim Career Management

Career Management: The concept of career management is very crucial to the individual and as well as to the organization. To the organization, this is important because if the employee is not happy with his designated role then the company might face problems like attrition and inefficiency. Also, employees have the tendency to add knowledge and increase their market value in the job market. Many of the employees feel that they sacrifice a lot for the organization, the important question that arises is done they get back what they give Another important issue which arises is that can the expectation of the employees be compensated by the company. Moreover, many organizations expect supreme commitment and performance and attach performance-related pay for their work. But the organization essentially deals with humans and not all of them can be encouraged to give the best with monetary rewards.

Also, it is extremely important for the organization to know what an individual feels about his/her career. This evaluation is subjective. The individual thinks whether he is the best person for the job or not. He also tends to compare himself with his fellow colleague’s Career management is important to answer these crucial questions. It is important as it helps us to adjust to the fast changes that have taken place over time. Career management tries to bring together the organization’s and individual’s expectations and tries to find a match. It tries to relate historical events to subjective experience The reason why career management is important today is that many people have to stay back in the office for long hours, as a result, they find it difficult to maintain work-life balance and as a result of this work gets adversely affected.&nbsp.&nbsp.According to the fundamental model it has found out that performance is a result of three factors namely ability, motivation and opportunity.&nbsp.