International Business

Kentucky Fried Chicken-Production Facilities Kentucky Fried Chicken, being a global chicken restaurant chain has followed the globalization challenges and diversified to far expanses to many countries. As the food tastes and preferences changes at different it has to serve the customers with a taste of delight. KFC as it is known worldwide franchised its business operations to the local known brands to create synergy and to leverage the benefits of the native hold. The global brand compliance and the quality were monitored from the US headquarters.
The productions facilities were thus decentralized to the franchisee. The production costs will be bared by the franchisers. Thus the production costs elevated to the third party.
The production facility differs:
according to region under concern
The type of suppliers existing at the potential store site.
The demand for the raw materials for the production activities.
The resource availability in the region to sustain.
The governments approach to the industry under consideration.
The production cost on the overall maintenance of the facility at the region or country.
The production strategies adopted in China has provided positive feedback on the operational excellence of KFC in China. The local suppliers were in good hold of the market with good chicken production rate with quality. The quality standard on floor and the quality standard of the service is guided from the head office making it more custom centric restaurant to walk in. The demand created in the markets should be backed up with active support of the resources to sustain. KFC has maintained the balance between the demand and supply to survive the scare of loosing its loyal customers.
Thus to conclude, production strategies with respect to the global business environment has to closely dealt with respect the region wherever are planning to open our store.