International Business CocaCola Amatil

The company has introduced the following flavors which are not only distributed all over Australia but also exported in New Zealand, Fiji, Korea, New Guinea, and India. The company maintains the following characteristics while presenting its multiple brands of the soft drink:
The management of this magnificent company is always active in introducing new flavors in the field of soft drinks to retain its policy of trend-setting as well as always offering its lovers a unique product. It is, therefore, the management of the CCA has recently planned to introduce its products in Spain. Since Spain is geographically and commercially an important European state with distinguished business environment, cultural values, and social traditions, new brands and companies are always admired by the people.

The techniques and tools applied in the present study revealed the facts regarding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by the company in an age of perfect competition, where competitors and regional brands are offering their products at national and international levels. Lamb et al. declare knowledge of the customer as the most essential element for introducing a product. In their words:
The first and the foremost task, in developing a retail strategy, is to define the target market. The process begins with market segmentation, where a successful retailing has always been based on how to know the customers. (2005: p 372)&nbsp.

Being the greatest manufacturers of unique soft drink flavors as well as the vital Coke products distributor, CCA has always devised innovative style while presenting its products. It has conducted market research before launching its operation in different brands in multiple countries of the world.

Political Analysis: Since a&nbsp.political authority is legally responsible for granting permission as well as arranging a comfortable background for the exercise of corporate activities, the political situation plays an imperative part in the manufacturing and launching of the product of an industry.