International Business Enterprises

The board should discuss fundamental things with the employees before assignments especially difficulties that persons may encounter in the new countries to prepare them. The firm should also discuss with the workers how they would like to be compensated during or after the assignment. Additionally, the firms should discuss with the workers how they would benefit from international assignments. Some of the benefits may include acquiring the international experience to gain promotions (Reiche &amp. Harzing, 2009).

Discussion 2
Timely needs analysis is necessary for the training process to become effective. It is equally fundamental to acknowledge that training needs constitute the companies’ expectation after the training. Before the needs assessment, the company needs to have certain data types. The data includes the current performances of individual workers and their expected performances after the training (Barbazette, 2005). The data should also include the current general performance of the organization and the expected general performances following the training. An organization also needs to have information about the resources required to fulfil the training objectives. Additionally, the organization requires the trainees’ occupational data such as their skill and knowledge before and after training (Spectrum, 2013).&nbsp.