International Management Decision Making Tesco and Sainsbury Plc

The primary aim of the market research that Tesco undertakes is to analyze why people behave the way they do and aims to attract the consumer. To do market segmentation properly, Tesco collects demographic and psychographic data. Both these types of data are very crucial for the success of an organization. Demographic data is the kind of data which can be put into categories and labeled statistically. Demographic data include age, race, income, religion, gender, etc. It comprises of basic facts. For instance, Tesco finds out what age bracket visits their supermarket very regularly, which age bracket does not, what kind of products do they prefer, what is it that they don’t like, when do sales rise and when to do sales dip. It then shapes up its promotional offers accordingly. On the other hand, psychographic data cant is quantified it is used to understand consumer behavior, how to target market feels, what they want and how they go about getting what they want in their daily lives. It helps them in their purchasing decisions. Tesco utilizes all this data, then analyzes it and comes up with reports to assist it in forecasting demand and making promotional offers.
J Sainsbury Plc was established in 1860. It is home to more than 872 stores and 537 supermarkets all over the UK and has some 335 convenience stores. It currently owns Sainsbury’s Bank and Lloyd’s Banking Group. It has two joint ventures namely the Land Securities Group PLC and the British Land Company PLC. Sainsbury’s brand was built to offer a certain heritage to customers. They deliver healthy, safe, fresh and tasty food. The quality of their food is kept intact and goes hand In hand with a reasonable approach to business. Their food is particularly known for fresh food and they continuously strive to improve products so that they are in line with customer needs.