Internet as a Mass Medium

The paper shows that the development of the printing press was the first step towards the modern era of media. McLuhan has introduced the term Media along with other terms like The Global Village and the Age of Information which gained high popularity. In 1965 his famous book Understanding Media: The Extension of Man was published. Soon he was called the most important thinker after Newton, Darwin, Pavlov and few more. With further development in technology, media has made constant evolution and has improved itself to fit best into the society. McLuhan has called media as an extension of man. (Griscom, n.d. McLuhan’s message). The chart given above indicates that with the passage of time, some vital changes took place in the media industry. These changes are more influenced by the changes that are taking place in the field of technology and also in society. One such revolutionary change was brought by the development of the internet. The Internet introduced to speed in media. The present era of media is known as digital media due to the influence of the internet in each and every aspect. In the year 1964, Rand Corporation, created a communication network that had several nodes and each node was capable of originating, passing and receiving the message. In 1967 Britain’s National Physical Laboratory succeeded in developing the first test network. This was just the beginning of a new era. With the passage of time, more and more such networks came into existence. Many agencies came forward and actively participated in developing their own networks. By the end of the 20th century, six basic internet domains developed. These domains got segregated by separate abbreviations for representing their address such as gov, which was for government. mil, which was for military, which was for education. com, which was for commercial. org, which was for organization .net was used for the remaining fields.