Internet Censorship in China

Violation of the rules and regulation concerning the internet is punishable by very heavy fines or imprisonment, and the government of China does this just to safeguard its political interest and easily manipulate the people. As the Chinese Internet and wireless communications sectors continue to grow, additional international corporations will continue to face pressure from the Chinese Government to supply equipment used for censorship and surveillance, hand over user information and enthusiastically censor user content (Human Rights Watch 8). The Chinese government should not censor the internet in China because this is limiting the citizens’ rights to access information, their freedom of speech and expression and it leads to a gross violation of human rights.The government actively filters the information that is posted in the social media and digital news, Scores of journalists and citizens are arrested on the grounds of cyber impropriety. In fact, China has the greatest number of arrests of journalists and internet dissidents, this is to a very great extent limiting and depriving the people of China of their right to information and also their freedom of expression. Those who try to criticise the government are often silenced through detentions and heavy fines. People cannot post whatever they feel or think in social media, especially concerning politics and democracy. After the Arab spring which saw the fall of autocratic regimes in the Middle East, the Chinese government embarked on a crackdown of people who were posting material, which the government deemed sensitive. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are often blocked by the government in what the government says is interests of national security. The government authorities not only block website content but also monitor internet activities of individuals.