Internet impact on culture

The traditional form of education and which was widespread before the internet was getting education by attending physical classrooms. This however has changed with internet. Classes are held virtually and assignments and results submitted online through channels such as emails. This has made life easier for students carrying out online education as it saves on costs of travelling and exorbitant fees as well as accommodation. They also get to carry out their other duties and even work as long as they carry out the assignments on time and do regular studies and consultation all through a click of a few keys (Keengwe and Schnellert, 2014).International trading has never been as easy as it is with the internet. Traders do not have to make the travel arrangements to meet distributors but communicate online. People purchase cars, clothes and other goods online and pay for their transportation and wait for the goods in their home country. There is also a wide range of selection with traders comparing the best prices without headaches of moving to and from one location to another. The same positive change and revolution has been experienced when it comes to marketing. Companies as well as individuals conduct telemarketing or web advertising as it is popularly known thereby showcasing ones products to everyone online hence expanding chances of sale without incurring costs of human resources and the trouble that comes with it.Communication prior to internet was through various methods such as writing letters and face to face which meant travelling to meet the person. With internet, the communication is much more rampant and faster with social media. The same social communication online has led to numerous networking opportunities as people get to discuss about their lives, hardships and opportunities. There have been success stories of people getting scholarships or even