Internet Marketing and an Impact on Buying Behaviour of Teenagers

Page, K., &amp. Uncles, M (2004) define Internet marketing as a marketing strategy adopted by many entrepreneurs to reach out their customers through the Internet with an organized plan and a smart marketing campaign. The author argues that the online market is growing at a rapid pace compared to the retail market so that anyone with the need to make money select Internet as his first choice. As per the statistics available, in the fourth quarter of 2005, US retail e-commerce sales totaled $26.5 billion with an increase of 27.5% just from the third quarter of 2005. At the same time, millions of people are exploring opportunities on the Internet that made the competition stiff in online marketing. The author put forward two things. an effective plan and aggressive marketing for success in Internet marketing. He has pointed out that a website without planning and the identification of the target market will definitely end in failure whereas in-depth planning will increase the chances of success more. The author also argued that even amidst the stiff competition, the future of Internet marketing is bright (Hartman, J. B., Gehrt, K., &amp. Watchravesringkan, K., 2004).
Mick, D.G., &amp. Fournier, S (1998) defines In…
strategies he has pointed out other methods such as site optimization, linking, and indexing, implementing online marketing partnerships with high-profile online businesses, paid keyword advertising, etc. as the successful strategies for Internet marketing.
Buying behaviors of the teenage community
Lenhart, A., Rainie, L., &amp. Lewis, O (2001) reflects on buying behaviors of the teenage community in terms of their attitude toward appearance. They argued that the marketers should make advertisements to target "jockettes" (young women who have active lifestyles) and "young metrosexuals"(young men focussed on their outward appearances) in order to convince the teen community. Gender and brands can influence the buying habits of teens according to the author.
Park, C., &amp. Jun, J.K (2003) summarizes buying behaviors of teenagers with respect to the cool looking technology and customizations of products are essential for attracting teen customers. Personalization, style, and functionality are the major features of a product which influence the teen community.
Impact of Internet marketing on buying behavior of teenagers
The online purchasing behavior of teens for goods like books, apparels, dining, music, practices is around half of the teenage consumers that has risen significantly from the 31 percent of statistical from the result December 2000 (Park, C., &amp. Jun, J.K., 2003). Teens are the major segment of Internet visitors. This is not easy to convince the teen community with conventional methods of marketing. A business plan and marketing strategies are essential for canvassing the teen community through Internet marketing.&nbsp.