Internet Use in the classroom

The impact of ICT in school: room Design and curriculum delivery There have been two major influences that have impact on the education for students in the primary and secondary education in New Zealand and in the whole world as well. There have been the rapid development that has been taking place in the information and communication technology and the second one h as been the question regarding what the students will be required to understand as far as the outcome of education is concerned in the 21st century.In response to this, there are grate change that have been implemented in the education sector in light of the demands in the market. There are changes that are taking in the design and delivery of the curriculum. There has also been change in the way classrooms are designed in light of the new emerging technology in the market. The design of the class room has been greatly affected by the ICT tools that are currently being used. There is redesigning of the space available for student. The arrival of more computers has complicated the design of the earlier classroom and the profound use of these computers in the learning process has required teachers to up with new classroom designs that will ensure that all students acre given the attention that they require. Creating of space in the classroom for the computer and the peripherals like printer and network connection, large monitors and other gadgets is one of the factors in the adoption of classroom space to the use of computers. This has necessitated the reevaluation of the how classroom activities and the learning experiences will work best in the course of learning. In the early year of use of ICT in school, there was creation of computers laboratory where acted as technology center or building which were dedicated of house to computer and their peripheral alone. This was different from the classroom atmosphere and therefore their management was different. Although this arrangement is slowly being done away with and new methods of integrated use of computer in the classroom adopted, there are still some schools which have remained to use it due to the challenge in the use of ICT in the classroom. The creation of 3D classroom reflects the new arrangement in the use of ICT in the classroom. This necessitates provision of central access facilities and a distribution network that is highly effective. There is a change that has started and that is ongoing on the design of the classroom and the adoption of ICT in the classroom. The integration o ICT material in the learning process has necessitated a change in the curriculum design. As a departure from the earlier curriculum planning methods which were based on the delivery of classes through the classroom, the increase use of ICT means that there will be reduced contact between the student and the teacher and therefore the need to include in the design of the curriculum some of the materials which teachers used to delivery orally in the past. The use of laptops, interactive whiteboards, portable presentation system and other ICT tools means that the design of the curriculum also needs to be changed.Therefore the new approach to the designing of the curriculum has been the need to include lifelong learning process delivered through the designed curriculum, a learner directed learning curriculum with the teacher as a facilitator or a therapist. There is need to create a curriculum where learner can contextualize the learning process and in which individuals can plan and realize their own learning needs. The curriculum should present a customized learning which is designed to meet the various needs, preferences and cultural practices of eh student. The curriculum should use a collaborative and co-operative learning in which all the participant are well included. It should be a just in time learning as most individual choose from the global educational supermarket opportunities. Therefore there is need to develop a new design of the classrooms that utilize the new ICT tools in the education sector. In order to have a fully development learning system, the curriculum should be designed to meet the needs of the learning process.ReferencesEadie, G. (2001). The Impact of ICT on School: Classroom Design and Curriculum Delivery. New Zealand