Interracial Relationships and Their Prerequisites

The two even started a business and became wealthy. Bea functioned as the manager of the business where Delilah’s recipe is used to make the business successful. The two prospered and was able to overcome the racial divide which was prevalent during the time was shown in 1939.
There is something however another angle in their relationship that tells how a black person relates to a white person during the 1930s. It has to be remembered that Bea did not discriminate or treated Delilah harshly even if she was black. Bea even treated Delilah as a family to the point that they started a business. Despite this relatively equal treatment of Bea towards Delilah, Delilah was always subservient to Bea that Delilah still acts as Bea’s maid even if she is already wealthy from the business that Bea and Delilah started. This reflects the mindset of the black people during those times that they thought to be inferior or just servants to the white people. Of course it could also be interpreted as Delilah’s gratitude towards Bea but nonetheless, the film still reflects Delilah’s mindset of not thinking as Bea’s equal.&nbsp. &nbsp.