Shi LyuTiffany WongWriting 24/24/2020After finding the several researches, Some useful information has been found after some investigation. But the data is research, not action. I think to have a deeper understanding of this topic, we need to find people with personal experience. The result will be more useful and clear.I prepared some questions and found two people to interview. One is fresh out of college and has found a job he likes and the other is an uncle of mine who is now an executive in a company. The first person I interviewed was the one who had just graduated from college, and I asked him some questions such as when to start looking for a job after graduation, and the process of looking for a job. Some of the answers I see in the researches are not clear. In the research to find a job the most thing is we need to paper the resume,  stay top of your research and get alerted as soon as your dream job is posted. For the interview what he said is: “the most thing is build your resume. which is the key to whether or not you can attend the company interview.” he said a advice: “Don’t get a job right after you graduate, because it will make it harder for you to fit in.”Even the resume is important, but some of the companies don’t take care about the resume. I told my uncle what my friend said about resumes but my uncle said: “A resume is something that gives the interviewer an idea of your ability to do the job. But character is more important. During the interview, to let the interviewer know your character is more important.”The thing they said during the interview is kind of the same with the research that I found, like how important the resume it is. But something I didn’t find out is how important the interview is.