Intoduction telling

My Academic Achievement My life experiences have been characterized by ups and downs, all of which have shaped my character and personality. This has brought forth failures and successes that have influenced my perception towards life. I have faced critical challenges and identified opportunities that have enhanced my personal growth and development. Personally, education has been my life’s central pillar. I am really proud of my academic achievement so far. It has been a process that has presented critical challenges, but I have found ways and means to counter them. I have further moved from one level to another, an accomplishment that brings me great pride. My academic achievement has not only made me proud of myself, but it has also taught me to be appreciative of what makes me who I am.The realization of my academic achievement has encompassed the contribution of different persons. My parents, teachers, mentors, and fellow students have contributed in giving me something that I am really proud of. My academic accomplishment has come a long way, and there is still so much ahead. Given that the future is uncertain, I have learnt the art of taking great pride in what is at hand. This does not mean that I am done academically, but that my academic achievement so far fills me with the courage to keep striving for even more. I might not be the best academician within and across the country, but I am proud of my academic achievement.