Introduction to case study research

In this regard, the research may involve exploring the reasons for existence of such issues in certain places.In addition, the research may involve description of certain environmental aspects, business aspects as well as economic aspects of the environments where such a research is conducted (Green, 57). The results to those researches are well documented in the case studies. In this regard, the case studies will therefore act as the best secondary sources to use when one intends to carry out a research concerning specific aspects. This will be made easier if such a research topic had already been covered in one of the case studies that had been conducted with reference to such topic in question, or anything in close relationship to the topic that is to be researched on. In relation to the above case, the case study researches would be critical in the sense that they will act as references (Saunders, 27). In this manner, they will give additional information relevant to the research in question.In this perspective, it is of crucial significance to understand the meaning of a case study as well as a case study research. It is of critical significance to note that the term case study may have very many meanings. However, the difference in those meanings is not quite large. Every meaning tied to the term case study always has several similarities with each other. However, there are slight differences in such meanings with regards to what is being referred to (Thomas, 41). These meanings may vary with regards to the topic being researched on. Again, the difference in meanings of the term case study may be evident in reference to the specific environment where the case study research is conducted.On the same note, it is of critical significance to note that the difference in meanings of the term case studies may depend upon the different views of different individual personalities. This may be in relation to