Introduction to FIlm

Jordan Belfort is a genius who can invent new products and therefore sustain investment. While he does this successfully, his self-drive is greed and personal gain as he continues to grow his earnings and savings from the industry.
The director of the film, Martin Scorsese portrays professionalism in his creation of the work as he adopts a screenplay written by Terence Winter. The success of the film just as any other arises from the avid portrayal of the society. The director of the film strives to achieve this through effective representation of the facts in the film and construction of the plot. Films communicate through various features including characters, costumes and setting among many others. The developers of the film select such features carefully thereby enhancing the success of the film. The film stars renowned stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie among many others. Such are established celebrities who do not only enjoy fame but also exhibit professionalism in acting. They therefore enhance the theme in the film thereby enhancing the success of the plot. The same is the case with the developers’ selection of the setting for the film and costumes for the characters all of which complement the theme in the fact. some of the nominations were on such pertinent features as picture quality, costume design and characterization among many others.
Just as any other man, Jordan Belfort has an interesting story. He begins his career at a stock brokerage firm in Wall Street. He learns through a shrewd businessperson, Mark Hanna who introduces him to drugs among other vices in the industry. Despite such, Belfort maintains his education and interest on the job until he becomes a certified stockbroker. Unfortunately for him, on the day he becomes a stockbroker the market crushed thus rendering him and many others jobless. Meanwhile he is a dedicated and loving family man who strives to provide for his wife. The