Introduction to Business Technology (ISYS2008)     Contents  Case Study – New York City Council 2Case Study – Requirements. 3Assignment Aim: 3Date Due: 3Submission Format: 3Submission Requirements: 4Assignment Weighting: 4Late Assessment Submission and Extensions. 4Assignment Marks Breakdown: 4Report Presentation Requirements: 5Important Tips: 5A Sample Report Outline. 6Peer Evaluation Template. 7Assignment Marking Guide. 8
            Case Study – New York City Council  New York City (NYC) Council is one of the largest councils in the world. Consisting of 51 districts, the NYC Council is responsible for the creation of local laws that enable the council to respond to issues and community needs within NYC. The council has more than 294,000 employees that work in the many skyscraper buildings within the borough of Manhattan. Recently New York City Hall, home to the Mayor of New York and over 1000 staff, has undergone a renovation, to the interior and exterior of the 17thCentury building. As a result, the cost of this renovation exceeded the planned cost by 50 million US dollars and ended up costing 150 million US dollars. Unfortunately, the council also now needs to spend a considerable amount of money on the ageing IT equipment at City Hall, but due to the over expenditure on the renovation, a minimal budget remains for IT expenditure.   As a result, the Mayor of New York has approached your consulting firm and asked for assistance in budgeting for the new IT equipment. The Mayor has raised some interesting concerns as detailed below.   Concern 1: The council currently has more than 1000 desktop personal computers running Windows 8 operating system, spread across the departments and locations within City Hall. The Mayor feels this is far too many personal computers and understands that reducing the number of required PC’s will also reduce energy consumption. 
Concern 2: The desktop personal computers within City Hall currently use the following hardware specifications. 
– 550 Desktop PC’s (1GHZ CPU, 1GB RAM, 16GB HDD)  – 300 Desktop PC’s (1.4GHZ CPU, 2GB RAM, 64GB HDD)  – 200 Desktop PC’s (2.4GHZ CPU, 8 GB RAM, 128GB HDD)  The Mayor would like to understand if any of the current PC devices can be salvaged and used for at least the next three years.   Concern 3: The Mayor is security conscious and is very concerned about the security implications that may be present since the council is running an operating system that is seven years old.    Concern 4: The Mayor has indicated that all documentation recorded electronically in council meetings needs to be securely backed up in a location that all councillors can access at any time of the day.    Case Study – Requirements  To address the Case Study, provide a report to the Mayor that includes the following:   1. Advise and explain why Windows 10 would be the most suitable Operating System to use as the councils Standard Operating Environment (SOE), over similar operating systems such as Unix, Linux and MacOS X (Catalino), given the difficulties the council is facing with IT expenditure. (ULO 2, ULO 3)  2. Advise the council on what additional hardware is required to support Windows 10, and explain how it may or may not be possible to re-use some of the existing hardware. (ULO 2)  3. Direct the council on what Server Operating System based security would alleviate the Mayors security concerns. (ULO 4)  4. Explain how cloud-based services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, may or may not be the best solution to the fourth (4th) concern that the Mayor has raised. (ULO 4)  PLEASE NOTE THIS FINAL REPORT PARTIALLY FULFILS THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE UNIT AND COVERS THE FOLLOWING UNIT LEARNING OUTCOMES (ULO) AS LISTED IN THE UNIT OUTLINEULO 2: Explain the concepts and theoretical aspects of the components in an operating system.  ULO 3: Demonstrate security mechanisms at the operating system level.  ULO 4: Explain the fundamentals of networking (networking protocol concepts, TCP/IP, domain and addressing)            Assignment Aim:  The assignment consists of a set of evaluation exercises to familiarise students with the features of operating systems and networking. The team working skills component is designed to encourage students to think about and understand how well you and your partner performed in the team activity for you to develop these essential skills.    Assignment Weighting:   The assignment is worth 30% of the unit final grade.
Late Assessment Submission and Extensions
Please refer to the unit outline, available on blackboard.
  Assignment Marks Breakdown:  The overall mark for the assignment is 100 Marks. The marks are broken down into the following:      • Group Report – 90 Marks • Evaluation (Peer) – 5 Marks • Evaluation (Group) – 5 Marks  Please note it is unlikely that students in the same group will receive the same score since evaluations are included in the marks allocation. Report Presentation Requirements:  • Normal Text – Arial 10 pt• Major Headings – Arial 12 pt (Bold)• Minor Headings – Arial 10 pt (Bold)• 1.5 line spacing, Page numbering (centred at the bottom of each page – footer) • Header (Student Names and ID: Arial 8 pt, italics, right-aligned)  • 2.5cm margin-left of page, 2.5cm margin-top, bottom and right of the page.• Assignment should be submitted in MS Word Format, Spell Checked, and Grammar Checked.  • Approximately 3,000 words in length, excluding diagrams; appendices; and references.   • The assignment should contain no less than two academic journal references and textbooks. However, it is expected that students will provide approximately ten references.• Chicago referencing format must be used.
  Important Tips:  • Avoid Plagiarism • Plagiarism detection software will be used to detect plagiarism. 
    A Sample Report Outline    I. Cover PageII. Executive Summary
III. Table of Contents  IV. Table of Figures (If Applicable)
V. Table of Tables (If Applicable)
1. Introduction
2. Standard Operating Environment
3. Hardware Requirements  4. Server Operating System Security 5. Cloud-Based Services 6. Conclusion  7. References                           Assignment Marking Guide    Criteria   Marks     Executive Summary
2.5   Table of Contents    Table of Figures (If Applicable)
Table of Tables (If Applicable)
2.5    Standard Operating Environment
20    Hardware Requirements  20   Server Operating System Security 20   Cloud-Based Services 20   Conclusion  2.5    References  2.5    Report Total Marks     90   Peer-Evaluation  5   Group-Evaluation  5    Evaluation Total Marks     10  
Assignment Total Marks     100