Investment Proposal of the AllNatural Extreme Energiser

This leaves a gap in the market for those who wish to target the more casual exerciser and the impulse purchaser. With manufacturers of sports drinks also looking to expand their existing offerings to create “systems” of workout drinks (ibid), a gap exists for a simple solution to the need for energy, with an emphasis on natural ingredients.
Extreme Energiser is formulated to fit into these gaps. It is an all-natural smoothie with kiwi fruit, bananas, and pears in an organic yogurt base. The nearest competitor, with 77.5% of the market (, is the Innocent Smoothie, which has grown from nothing to this level in just over ten years. To clearly differentiate the new product, it will be supplied in 300ml plastic bottles (compared to Innocent’s 250ml bottles) and will retail at the same price, currently £1.95 (Tesco price as at 12th December 2010 – see product/search/default.aspx?searchBox=innocent%20smoothies). This offering is better value for money for the consumer, as well as providing a natural source of energy that will appeal not only to those who exercise regularly but also to those who purchase their own lunches and purchase drinks on impulse during the day. This ties into the trend for a combination of “sports drinks and functional beverages” (Spano 2010 p.75) and takes account of the continued fragmentation of the sports beverage market (ibid). One market not currently specifically targeted by sports beverages is women. Extreme Energiser will appeal to this currently underexploited segment, increasing sales.
The consumer desire for ingredients with “a higher ‘natural and healthy’ score” with carriers with “better health credentials, such as dairy and fruit juices” (Wright, 2010, p.36) is met on all fronts with Extreme Energiser, providing a source of energy that can be used by anyone in need of an energy boost.