Is Associating with Clubs and Social Activities during College Life Good Idea or Not

College student life is an enriching experience as it involves not just exclusive devotion to education but also a lifelong learning experience and structures (Huang Carleton, 2003). Club and social activities are activities that students participate in during their leisure time. Leisure plays a significant role in the modern world although in the past very little attention was given to leisure and leisure activities. College life is the most important part of any person’s life. Leisure activities undertaken during college life influences students in many areas of life including job and life satisfaction. Studies have shown that there is a significant relationship between leisure participation, leisure satisfaction and life satisfaction. Activities such as participation in social clubs on campus help mould an individual towards handling larger responsibilities. This stems from the changed mission of colleges and universities as they strive towards the holistic development of an individual. Participation in activities during college life falls under extra-curricular activities which play an integral role in collegiate experience (Tenhouse, 2011). These activities complete the college’s academic curriculum and thereby augment the student’s educational experience. Students get an opportunity to interact with other students apart from class interactions. Students are at their natural when they interact at the social level. Student peers are an important source of influence on the overall development of an individual. It also influences the effective and cognitive development of the student. Participation in clubs and social activities leads to the well-rounded development of the individual, which is the principal focus of such activities.