Is Political Intelligence a Powerful Form of a Leader

Intimidation, being a common managerial style among current business managers is gaining popularity in the corporate world. According to Kramer (2006), although subordinates find intimidating leaders rather tough and hard to deal with, these leaders, and managers find the style rather effective in managing their subordinates. Intimidation involves a number of elements, which prompts subordinates to work according to the desire of the managers. Subsequently, the managers in the organization decide on the most effective way of handling their employees. The bottom line of this research’s argument. leaders have to be intimidating and equally tough in order to achieve results. However, achieving intimidation for a leader does not happen automatically in an organization. The manager has to show readiness and willingness to coarse a number of individuals in order to achieve results. How effective then is this managerial style to a manager? The fact that subordinates are responsive to its application is the main reason why the author believes ion its efficiency. Addressing managers, the author argues that the most effective method that managers can use to achieve results is the use of a political style of leadership. Without any form of compromise, a manager can get subordinates to achieve results whenever he wishes. For instance, in an organization whose subordinates show an unwillingness to handle their work, the manager can effectively use this style of management in order to achieve results.