Is The Death of a Salesman a Modern Play

Throughout his lifetime Miller was an advocate of freedom. In 1956 he was denied a passport for refusing to name some of his accomplice whom they all participated in civil rights activities. Miller, later on, became a public figure which led to banning of his works in the Soviet Union. Due to the rejections, Miller resorted to the theatre since this was the only way in which he would address his grievances. One of his major works which address social problems was the play death of a salesman.
The modern society is faced with family problems that have led to many cases of divorce mainly due to many partners not being able to be faithful which most of the time results to death just like the death of the salesman Willy. For this reason, our children end up to be the beneficiaries of poor marriages and end up losing focus in life. Miller argues that cheating in marriages lead to instability of the families and those who suffer are the innocent children and other family members who are not directly involved in the marriage (Hurrell 88). Miller uses this example since he was also a victim. He ditched his first wife Mary Slatter and married Marilyn Monroe. The modern society is also faced with high demands for success especially financial. However, this does not happen to Willy who wanted his son Biff to be more successful. This makes him commit suicide using his vehicle in order for his son to benefit from his wife’s insurance.
Miller in this play shows how children in modern society are affected by lack of proper guidance. In the play, Willy wonders why his son Biff whom he had so many hopes of becoming a responsible person in the society has just given up and has become something very different.&nbsp.