Is War Against Terrorism Moral And Has It Done Things Better Or Worse

This essay stresses that the Christians the world over were in a state of bother and tension so as to find out the real reason why the world had stood up against them and were hell bent upon destroying them. It would not be wrong to state at this point that Christians all over the world were vocal and carried out large processions as to encourage the US government and its allies to take steps to counter these very attacks. A number of wars and fights started in the wake of War on Terrorism and it sparked off a number of controversies as to the real reasons for starting the same on countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.
This paper makes a conclusion that the war on terror has brought a change in the way the world is being run. The different governments have to take one or the other side in this whole muddle. The need is to understand who the winner is and who the loser is eventually. More than that, the governments have to seek ways in which they could counter the pressures that are exerted by the US regime from time to time. For third world nations, this becomes an issue of immense importance since they are already stuck in one problem or the other, add to that the pressure meted down by the US authorities every now and so often. War on terror is not a war on the poor yet oil rich nations, it is a war for the benefits of the super power of the world, which it wants to win no matter what happens.