Issues in Contemporary Real Estate Development

As a developer, initially, after the agreement of not taking up any old projects on the site, it is important for one to go through the general issues with regard to the project and the real estate developer.
In the given project, one has to go through an initial windmill and attempt to understand and propose the various measures that one can take in the development of the stated land. One of the most interested parties in the development of this project is a school located in Chicago, Illinois. .However, the school itself has the idea of turning green and this is completely different from the strategies that the windmill had in the initial stages. There are different statutory implications of purchasing the land, such as the local government of the area may not have wanted the land to get altered in a manner through which it would turn green. The effect on the site, later on, is that water resources may lack to be maintained in the land
In order to operate on the land, the school has to fill out various applications. One of the applications that the school has to take seriously is in form of a title deed. The deed shows the various signatories to the land and that they are the rightful owners of the property. Collateral is another important agreement that one has to take up. This is from the fact that the previous owners of the land may have done some damage on the land that may have various health implications especially keeping in mind that the new tenants of the land are schoolchildren.
Seeing as the school intends to utilize the land as a green project, there are various measures that they ought to take in order to make it habitable to their specifications.&nbsp.