Issues in Islam as Viewed by the Progressivists

The largest numbers are however to be found in the Middle East and Asia. This is the founding home of many of the world’s religions. With the passage of time have arisen different practices within this religion. There are also practices that have emerged as a result of the poor interpretation of the Holy Book. The first thing that comes to mind is the idea of Jihad. This has encouraged overenthusiastic members of the religion to go all out in war to seek to protect it. More recently, however, there has been terrorism that has sought to use the name of Islam in vain.It is important to point out from the outset that there are few disagreements between these writers on what a progressive Islam should be like. After all, what they all seek in general is a break from the past and the adoption of new ways of doing things. This entails adopting less contentious positions with regard to issues like Jihad, Sharia Law, attitudes towards women and even issues of political tolerance. That is not to state however that there are no differences. The point is that there is an overwhelming consensus on the main issues which in many ways dilutes the weight in the areas of dispute.The three main writers to be considered are Omid Safi, Charles Kurzman and Ahmed Nassef. All of them have made significant contributions in writing with the exception of Nassef, who relatively has contributed less in writing. His main hunting ground, however, seems like in mobilization of people. The next stage shall be to introduce each of these authors and intellectuals by stating their main works so as to provide an important context within which to judge their positions.Ahmed Nassef is best known as the founder of the progressive website Muslim Wake Up. This website envisions a religion that is better up to speed with happenings in the real world. This site was founded in 2003. The group does not, however, concentrate on criticizing Muslims who are not progressive. Rather they further the Muslim agenda through demonstrations.