IT Projects for MDCM

Moreover, this can also improve the positioning of the company among competitors and in the international market (Jeffery, M Norton, F. J., MDCM, INC. (B): Strategic IT Portfolio Management).In this report, the most efficient and value-added IT project for MDCM is discussed as well as recommended in a brief manner being a member of the IT Portfolio Management executive committee working along with the CIO of the company. Moreover, with the help of a scorecard, each of the top projects is evaluated as well as compared with Portfolio Application Model Matrix and is arranged in a sequential manner in order to maintain a sustained brand image and position in the market.MDCM is one of the foremost contract manufacturers of medical devices with the main headquarters in the United States with subsidiaries all around the world. But due to its mismanaged IT services, the firm could not sustain itself in the market. The reports of audit initiated by Shawn Atkins suggested the utmost need for an appropriate IT system in the organization for the free flow of information regarding product requirements as well as enhancement of market share. This led to the establishment of a disciplined IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) executive committee with the task of discussing and recommending the top IT projects that can maintain MDCM’s strategic business objectives and brand image. The various projects and initiatives are stated below:This is one of the important projects discussed for improving the global IT of MDCM. This project would facilitate the sharing of IT knowledge and also enhance the IT methodologies among all the teams as well as the members across the organization. It would require 195 internal IT professionals and a single technically educated consultant (Jeffery, M Norton, F. J., MDCM, INC. (B): Strategic IT Portfolio Management).