John Fudge Modern Artist

In his paintings, this Denver painter also demonstrated an interest in societal gender views as well as the human condition. His 1981 painting, which he referred to as Sex Change Operation, is a good example of is ruminations of these subjects. In this great work of art, Fudge features two identical squat dogs standing akin to guardians of the gate on a romantic, moonlit beach. The two dogs are immobile and give the impression of matching bookends, and while one dog is wearing a pink collar, the other one as a blue-collar. Fudge uses oil on canvas in this painting (University of California, 4).
Fudge died of a heart attack on 14 August 1999 in Lakewood, Colorado, leaving behind his wife Jane Fudge DEnbeau (Fudge, 1).
Fudges Sex Change Operation painting at the Denver Art Museum.