Juvenile Justice Diversion in Victoria

This is illustrated in their mission statement that stipulates they are working with children, young people, families, and adults through supporting them to reach their maximum potential (Lutterman amp. Gonzalez, 2004). They achieve this by helping people set or come up with goals and then offer them the support they need to make their dreams and goals come true or realize their goals. They also raise awareness by identifying the issues raised, lobby for change, and make referrals to partner agencies in order to come up with informed decisions. Apart from focusing on income generation and job creation, the charity organization also provides emotional support to its members. This way they help people with relationship issues arrive at working solutions and also those who are mentally ill or those with mental problems are also helped in order to lead a healthy life. They also major in improving the self-esteem of individuals who fear facing society and impart skills in them that would help them lead a productive life. They also provide or give their members high-quality information and guidance to ensure continuity in ongoing projects. YSS is based and operates across the West Midlands region. Its main base is in West Mercia. These include Worcestershire, Telford, Shropshire, and Herefordshire. In these areas, the organization conducts various projects such as social enterprise, work programs, intensive supervision and surveillance, enhanced supervision and support. Youth and shelter services work with many other organizations and systems to help vulnerable groups in society.