Keeping the Roads Safe for Teenagers

Children often get excited at the idea of getting a new toy and a teenager would be more excited at the prospect of getting his driver’s license and driving his new car. Both parents and child would be glad about this new phase in their life nevertheless, great consideration should be placed on the dangers adolescents face once they are on the road. Unfortunately, this aspect seems not to worry the greater percentage of parents and teenagers and this is the very reason why emphasis should be placed on the need for laws to be passed, to protect not only the teenagers but other people who might also put at risk as a result of such dangers.CQ Researcher notes that 6,000 teens die in accidents annually- that would be an average of more than 15 people in a day. During the last quarter of 2004, seventeen youths died in crashes in the Washington, D.C. area wherein some were said to have drunk and drove, some committed fatal rookie mistakes while the others were passengers who went along for the ride. It is observed that 6.4% of the nation’s total driving population is 15-20-year-old drivers and that 14% of all fatal car crashes for ten years from the mid-1990s involved this age range. These statistics show that among the small number of teenage drivers, is a high percentage of those who get involved in fatal crashes. In 2003, nearly 7,900 teen drivers were involved in fatal accidents in the United States and nearly 50 percent of them died. On the same year, 308,000 teen drivers were injured in fatal crashes, 6,000 teens died in automobile accidents where 3,657 of them were young drivers. Moreover, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says motor vehicle crashes account for about 40 percent of adolescent fatalities.