Kids Imitate Saddam’s Televised Hanging Death

Psychologists have used psychological theories and biological systems to explain the findings of the relationship of media and antisocial behaviors in children.
To begin with and with reference to Social Development and Social Learning theories, human beings mostly rely on their surrounding environments to learn more about life. Children have immature brains that eager and curious to explore and understand most of the events happening within their environments. Since unable to analyze and sort out information received within their environments, children are likely to consider what they see as right and correct (Cavanaugh &amp. Kail, 2013). As such, children exposed to excess viewing of violent television programs and video content are likely to lose empathy and instead develop merciless feelings that cause them to become aggressive. Such children are likely to involve in reckless and undefined wars against others due to low problem-solving abilities.

Research findings conducted by psychologists using different theories of human development have also shown that playing violent games has the potential to train children on complex tactics to become aggressive. Playing and winning video games also create the urge within children to involve in physical and practical exercising of their skills (Cavanaugh &amp. Kail, 2013). To satisfy such urges, children have to involve their colleagues or any person to violence. A good example clarifying the effects of television and media on social behaviors of children occurred in 2006 immediately after hanging of Iraqi’s former President Saddam Hussein. As recorded by ABC News Medical Unit (2007), a nine years old Pakistani boy named Mubashar Ali hanged himself with the help of a ten years old sister. ABC News Medical Unit (2007) adds that after three days of Saddam’s execution, a fifteen years old Indian girl called Moon Moon Karmarkar committed suicide using a ceiling fan in the suburb of Kolkata. All the children died after watching live or recorded coverage of Saddam’s execution.