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My feelings for the music concert I attended In most instances, the genre of music played in a concert determines the moodof the attendee, as well as their preferences. Before, the concert officially kicked off. everyone was all psyched up including me. As we were waiting for the first performance, I had a mixed feeling. I was nervous and excited at the same, considering it has always been my dream to attend a concert where John Stevens, Philip Sparke, and Glenn Ferris were performing. The first artist on stage was Philip Sparke, and he had this relaxing effect, which made me feel comfortable and even look forward for more performances.
Once Philip Sparke started performing, I found myself nodding along to his music, and my feeling at that instance were that the music was fabulous. His performance brought that déjà vu effect I always experience while listening to his music, except that, during this instance, the magnitude was heightened. Once, Philip Sparke was through with his performance, I was left longing for more and more. The next artist to perform was John Stevens, and before he started his performance. I was optimistic his performance would be breath taking, and he did not disappoint me when he got in stage.
John Stevens is an artist, who performs classical music, and autumn falls under this category. The key music instruments, which he used during his performance, included a piano and tuba, which brought about a harmonious mood to the entire audience. John Stevens’ performance brought make memories of when I was a young kid, and my father would teach me how to play the piano. His performance brought sweet memories, which left me nostalgic. Half way through his performance, I felt uneasy and even wanted to leave the concert, but there was a force urging me to stay, which I eventually did.
After, the performance of both John Stevens and Philip Sparke, I had a taste of classical music first hand, and I loved it. At this particular moment, I was enjoying every single moment, and my love for classical music intensified. I noted the talents in both Stevens and Sparke, and appreciated the hard work, as well as practices they put in order to come up with such a performance. My feelings, at that moment, were that practice makes perfect, and if these two artists had perfected their performance and made it in life, I can make it.
The next artist on stage was Christian Gouinguene, who performed allegro, andante con moto, and presto. In my opinion, this was the climax of the concert, and as he continued with his performance, I was light hearted because of the melodies, as well as the exceptional Guinguene’s performance. At this stage, I was happy and glad that I chose to attend the event. This new experience led me to love classical and contemporary music even more and more. As I was going to the music concert, I had not anticipated such performances from Christian Gouinguine, John Stevens and Philip Sparke.
During the intermission period, my feelings were those of satisfaction as J.J. Johnson, Randy Mitchell, and Glenn Ferris performed Naked as a Jaybird, Eme’s Walk, and Metrognome respectively. In conclusion, the entire music concert was fun and vivacious. this led me to look forward to attending another similar music concert considering that this one was a success.
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