Korean Literature Sijo

Functions and roles of the Sijo poems in the society. The Sijo poems were carefully and rhythmically composed poems whose main purpose and aim transcends the barriers set by time or the dynamic nature of seasons. This is to say that as much as seasons and times keep changing, the validity and the accuracy of the Sijo poems have remained true to their initial functions. As much as they were composed in the past times, they have remained true to their initial purpose which was varied along the different audiences. This is to say that the Sijo poems were directed to different audiences for different purposes in the society. The irreducible minimum and line of thought is that the poems were educative and enlightening to their varied audiences. Thus, this exposition will discuss the importance of the Sijo poems to the society and their initial role and function that they were intended for. To begin with, these poems were used to inform the society on the social welfare issues such as about love and being tender to others. The undertone and aim in this line of reasoning was intended at educating the masses and the society on how to relate with one another especially as it pertains to the elderly. After reading such poems, members of the society especially the elderly got a renewed urge to relate to their elders in a friendly, tender and respectful manner. Similarly, these poems were used to entertain the masses or the whole society. This happens when the poems have words of humor or a symbolic laced with funny undertones which leaves the members of the society happy and jovial. This is to say that as much as the poems were used for informative purposes they were also entertaining to the people who read them. It is important to note and mention that the humor found in Sijo poems were timeless in that they transcended the time borders or limits. As much as the past societies enjoyed the light touch and moments in the Sijo poems from the past, so does this current generation of readers. Their humor is on point and therefore the readers find them enjoyable and entertaining. Similarly, the Sijo poems were used to caution the society against the ills that bedevil it. This is so especially in social matters, which might be problematic to the youths to handle. For instance, there are several ills and excesses in the human society today which if not addressed, they may ruin the backbone of the society which is the youths. A practical case and instance is the notion of immoral behaviors and habits such as drunkenness or sexual immorality. These poems were thus used to direct and guide the members of the society especially youths on the values to embrace and the virtues to shun away from their lives. Conversely, these poems were used as a form of expression where the members of the society especially the artists used an avenue and a means to showcase their talents and skills. It is important to note and articulate that it takes a great master of poems in terms of skills and technique for one to compose a Sijo poem. Thus, the people who composed the poems were expressionists whose caliber and quality was commendable in all aspects and fairness.Work Cited