Labor in the gilded age

“Speaking of America” by Belmonte Lauren America as we know it today is a country with a rich history, mostof which has remained unknown to people in modern times. Long before and during colonization by the British, America is, especially in the northern parts is said to have had numerous deposits of molten gold among other resources (Belmonte 103). According to the history of northern people, they believed that these minerals had been driven from hard rocks by lightning that often struck.
The northern states are also described as being highly agricultural, especially areas in New England and its adjoining regions (Belmonte 154). These agricultural regions would form good and sufficient sources of food for the colonial masters and other towns as well. The area was highly mountainous. something that made it good grounds for hiding from aggressors who in most cases were envious of the British in these regions.
People of great skill
According to Belmonte, Americans at that time are described as people of great skill, they were able to use their resources to create reliable infrastructure that facilitated business and social processes. They were active in carrying out agricultural activities, being able to build the security systems to fight for their freedom (Brzezinski 324). The British, Spanish and other countries that had taken up colonies in America later surrendered their hold on these parts, allowing Americans to unite and begin establishing their country.
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