Labor Unions Demands and Prioritization

In case of any severe accident, employees have to bear the hospital and physician charges. Also, the company plans to eliminate treatment facilities in the hospital emergency room. The union should restrict the company from doing so.
b) One representative to be offered the seat of company’s Board of Directors: The union should demand at least one seat for the union representative on the Board of Directors of the company. If there is a head authority representing the union at the top level, then it would be easy for the union to bargain with the management and present all their grievances.
c) Wage deduction for insurance: The company plans to start a stiff deduction from wages of employees for the insurance program. As the cost of insurance is as high as $ 6899 per employee, the company may charge higher amount from the employees to recover its insurance cost. The union has to demand that there should be no insurance deduction from the wages of the employees.
d) Layoff needs to be controlled: There has been huge layoff by virtue of Indianapolis plan which numbered to 450. The company has already separated 250 employees from their job. The union needs to negotiate with the company about such a huge layoff of employees for more than 30 consecutive days that has led to instability of their jobs.
e) Abolishment of two-tier wage system: According to this system, workers hired after the new agreement was signed, would receive wages at a lesser rate than those of existing employees. This will lead to differences between workers and can create misunderstanding among them. The union should abolish the two-tier wage system.
f) Bias attitude of supervisors: Supervisors were biased while selecting workers for extra time. They gave preference only to their close ones and neglected others. The union should inform management to change the supervisor and hire a fair and just supervisor who gives equal opportunity to all.