Lack of FacetoFace Communication



Social networking has become one of the most popular and one of the most important means of communication in the modern age. The social media is used in business and communication because it helps to make faster communication and exchange of information. Social networking can also make work effective because it can ensure that all team members can receive the information. Moreover, it can promote advertising and product evaluation by setting up blogs and Facebook pages online and by allowing users of a particular product to publish their testimonies online (Coyle and Vaughn 17).&nbsp.Social networking can also help in our personal relationships because it can help people keep in touch with old friends and maintain family solidarity (Coyle and Vaughn 17). The idea of having an account in the social media network is actually one way of socially interacting with friends and family. This is really good by itself because it enhances family relationships. Social networking has the purpose of helping humans keep in touch with their friends and to maintain friendships as well as for retaining contact when there are issues with time and distance. These are the purposes of social networking sites, and not necessarily to meet new people (Coyle and Vaughn 15). However, since social networks broke the barriers of time and since nowadays people consume more time using Facebook than meeting other people in person, then there has been a lack of communication. Lack of communication affects many various aspects of human life for, without face-to-face communication, people cannot learn social skills. The social media has the potential to make people less social and dependent on the Internet and electronic media in many ways. Lack of communication actually means a lack of face-to-face communication, which is essential to all human relationships.