Lack of linguistic uniformity in USA

One of the most unique aspects about the United s is its overall lack of linguistic uniformity. Whereas there are immigrants in almost each and every nation around the world, the United States is ultimately been founded upon a culture of integration. Such a culture of immigration necessarily means that a very large percentage of the individuals residing with the United States speak languages other than English. Many times, the overall level of English-speaking individuals within the United States it varies from location to location. Although there is no uniform percentage of individuals that speak English alone, are bilingual, or cannot speak English whatsoever, it must be noted that those states in and around the South or South East necessarily exhibit a very high percentage of individuals that speak a language other than English. This is due to both historical and cultural ties between the Hispanic communities of the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico and the United States.
Even though it is true that Canada is an English speaking country as well, the Western United States, specifically California, Oregon, and Washington, have unexpectedly higher ratio of individuals that speak a language other than English due to the very high level of historic immigration that is existed between this area of the United States and Asia. Due to the increasingly globalized nature of the world, the differentials between the states and states within the interior of the United States had begun to decrease with time. The availability of jet travel and globalization means that it is probable that in the foreseeable future less and less of the differential between the location and linguistics will be noted.