Language and CultureI. Introduction Thesis: Today it is common for most businesses that operate globally to speak English as language and culture correlate with each other.II. Body *Collaboration across all the culture is a key practice that the companies. *It is evident that English can referred as the global business language. *Its usage among multinational companies is common practice that has developed to be a necessity. *The geographical diversity used in the language is a common factor that makes it common for companies as they prove to be effective in the creation of a smooth line of communication. *The use of English as the language medium is a factor that has proven to be highly effective based on the fact that it addresses the company public relations with the customers in an appropriate manner that is highly effective. *The adoption of the language as the corporate strategy plays an essential part in this process as it is highly effective in the long run. *The application of the global language policy is not easy but is highly effective in the collection of long-term solution. *The action leads to the limiting of the competitive pressure that the company focuses on it. *The application of the English only policy is a common trend that the companies. *The use of the language is associated with its success factor in opening up a proper communication channel that the company could utilize it in its expansion in a proper way that is easy to understand.  *The diverse cultural practices have been clearly measured with the ability of the companies to fully integrate English as its language. *The minimization of the culture shock that employees experience plays an effectual part in the promotion of appropriate measures.III. Conclusion  Language and culture are two integrated factors that are related and its application is fully effective as it gives the companies a better position to operate on a global framework.