Laundry market in and around London

LAUNDRY MARKET IN AND AROUND LONDON Table of Contents Essay: 2 Reference: 3 Essay: Globally, and also in UK, laundry business is characterized by scattered, unorganized and small players. Due to the inherent fact that laundry business is highly localized and scale of operations cannot be implemented in this domain, it has remained a commodity business with price being the primary differentiator. Over the last half a decade, with more laundry business owners embracing new technologies to reach out to its clients and has offered differentiated services with a higher price tag. However, this differentiated, value added services hold good primarily for retail clients.
While retail prices are freely available, pricing for bulk customers are difficult to gather. Additionally, with 100 to 700 kg per day, prices will be subjected to heavy bargaining.
The price of laundry per kg for curtains, towels and sheets vary from 8 pounds per kg to 18.50 pounds per 10 kgs. However, with 100 to 700 kgs per day, the prices are expected to be about 50% lower than these prices.
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