Law ethics and globaisation

Fire is a potential danger and a risk for the lives. A proper care and planning can save many lives. The buildings must be built in a way to minimize the risk of fire. The premises should be structures which ensure the proper exits in case of any emergency. There must be proper fire alarm and detection systems in place and the buildings should be fully supplied with the equipments needed for any emergency situation. The people also need a little knowledge and the training about the emergency exits and the use of the equipped in case of any disaster. (Aldis, H. 2004)
Fire Safety Law was changed in 2006 according to the Regulatory Reforms (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The past licenses were terminated and they are not legally acceptable. Now the Law enforces more importance on the prevention from fires and risks. Every person is liable to make sure that the area and the environment he is working in safe and healthy. The reforms are shaped in a way so that every person can understand what is needed to be done to make the premises secure of any hazards and risks. The reforms also provide further information about how to rescue disables.
The fire and safety order applies that it is the duty of all the responsible persons to take care of the safety measures of the environment in which they are living and working. The law provides the complete guidance on how to carry out the assessment, maintenance and implementation of the guidelines. (Reform, F. 2005)
The global law enforces an investor and the constructor to build a project in such a way that it minimizes the risk of fire, safety and any other measures. The building should be fully equipped with the alarm, fire extinguishers, detectors and other tools for safety. The buildings must be built at a distance from each other. A proper exit ways given in the building to be used in case of any emergency and the premises can be evacuated as soon as possible. The law enforces the use of the material in the building to be fire-retardant. The local fire and rescue service consultant should be asked for a survey before occupying any premises to ensure the safety of the resident and working area to prevent disasters and uncertainties in the future (Safety 2005). The fire and rescue service is regarded as A Service worth defending and people should be proud of the fire fighters.
The premises must be risk free for the people to live and work in
Security of the building and the residents must be assured.
The people should be facilitated
Setting up of emergency process is essential
The adequate first aid facilities should be provided
Taking precautions against danger from flammable or explosive hazards.
Proper indications should be provided and maintained for exit.
Fire crews work in the dreadful