Law School Personal Statement

Law School Essay My desire to practice law stems from my childhood where I was intrigued by the people around me who practiced law and my experience as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer in Dallas which resparked my interest in becoming a lawyer. It was in this non-legal role that I realized how much of an impact the legal system has on these disadvantaged youth. The field of law I am most interested in is child advocacy. That is why I chose this school, because of its Child Advocacy Clinic and its strong reputation. Also your school is known for its long standing ties to the legal and business community in Dallas. In addition to being a CASA, I have been working in corporate America for over 10 years and will be able to bring real life experience to the classroom. As an adult learner I am prepared to invest my time and energy into studying the law in way that a traditional student may not be. I have obviously given this career change a lot of thought and feel that I would contribute not only to the lives of abused and neglected children but to the community at large. I believe as a practicing attorney that I can make a difference.
As stated in the previous paragraph, my specific field of interest is child advocacy. When I saw the way the children are handled in the system I realized that these groups of children need a voice. I wish to make a difference in the lives of underserved youth who are forced into the legal system due to family circumstances. Both younger children and older children can find being under the control of the court a frightening experience and I would like to reassure them that they are safe and the courts are there to help them not hurt them. These children need to know that there is somebody there to fight for them when it is most important. Many times all it takes is one person to make a difference in their outlook on life and I think I am that person. I realize that if we do not make an investment in the youth we will have a group of young people unprepared for the real world. In addition, underserved youth deserve to feel as though hope exists and that they have a real chance to change their situations. That is my goal: to become the best child advocacy lawyer I can and hopefully change the lives of disadvantaged children in future years.