Leadership and employee relations

Leadership and Employee Relation Leadership is an interpersonal behavior in an organization. Leadership is the process of encouraging and directingactivities of people of group towards the achievement of goal or objective. This is an interaction between the people, in which one person present the information such a manner that the others will convinced on the ideas and out come which will help them to achieve their objective or goal. The leadership is the ability of an individual to influence others and change their behaviors. The leader possesses the qualities and characteristics to influence others with the interaction with them.
Leadership is different from Management. These are two entirely different functions based on their underlying philosophies, functions and outcomes. The leaders and Mangers apply different conceptualizations and approaches to work and exercise different ways of problem solving. undertake different functions in the organizations. They are exhibit different behaviors owing to their different intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. (Ofori, Toor. 2008).
In an organization there is no distinct leader there are only managers. The Manager will be acting in both the capacity of leader and manager. A successful manager has both the quality of manager and leader who make use of the qualities discretely. The manager ship and leadership are the tools, through which the manager can influence the behavior of the employees and attain the organizational goals. The Manager and employee relationship in an organization is a delicate one. A good leader and manager can be able to handle and maintain a good relationship with his employees.
In the organizations the employees are working towards the attainment of goals where the leaders, who could be instrumental in guiding the efforts of group of employees. The successful performance of leadership role is essential for the survival of an organization. Fr an employee, in an organization should provided with goods and services, the product and customer need to be united and the worker efforts require integration and co ordination the leader guides the actions to accomplish the task.
The employees may obey the managers out of fear, but the leaders have the emotional appeal. The leaders make followers by their charismatic behavior and character. The good managers are good leaders also. They have a great vision and can alter the moods of the employees and race their hopes and expectation. The manager and the leaders are trying to meet the organizational and personal needs of employees. As a manager the individual emphasis on organizational goal and as a leader he satisfies the personal needs of the employees.
In a successful organization, need to have as many as leaders and also they should have the capabilities and management skills. The leaders should have adequate leadership skill and problem solving abilities and overall they should be team players. Being a good manager and leader a person should have strong and positive relationship with each of the employees in the organization. They should understand what motivates them, about their families and their goals in life. The employee with a good and strong relationship with his manager will work more efficiently and loyal to the organization.
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