Leadership and Organizational Performance

One of the biggest problems that the organizations of present times face is the fact that they try to be over-complex in nature and try their hands at doing many tasks all at the same time. What this does is to make sure that there is a lot of trouble with regards to various processes and activities working within the realms of the different strategies and tactics employed by the organization in the first place. These problems stem from the fact that there is a complete misunderstanding on the part of the company heads to devise proper and adequate mission and vision statements and the lack thereof suggests a thing or two concerning the enormous predicaments that have thus come up with the passage of time and a major loss of resources on the part of this organization that we are talking about here, in the general sense.
On the part of the company, this is an entirely negative picture that we are discussing here. Management is an art and it needs to be practised in a manner that the company’s different departments work in a cohesive and unified fashion than the other way round. The organizations that are falling way behind their expected marks that they had set for their own selves have started to realize that over-management is not an art rather the same comes to haunt them at some point in time. Leadership is also a skill which is not present everywhere since being under-led means that the leader lacks in more than one quality and this can come as a huge surprise for the organization itself as the leader has to deliver when the need is to deliver. (Kotter, 2000) The values that the leader portrays are very important as this forms the bridge between him and the people who are being led under him. Values thus form the cornerstone of the term called motivation as it, in essence, forms the basis for a whole lot&nbsp.of avenues in the times to come, not only on the shoulders of the leader for his being true and straight to them but also speaks volumes about the oneness of the whole business or organizational unit as a result.&nbsp.