Leadership Approach of Habermas

The essay "Leadership Approach of Habermas" talks about the leadership theories that comprise of all the factors that are helpful in making a good leader and particularly the Habermas Approach.
The main subject matter of the Great Man theory is that the leaders have inherent qualities of leadership from their birth and those qualities can not be injected into any ordinary person. The term ‘Great Man’ is used because at that time it was mainly referred to the male military leaders and it portrayed them as mythical heroes. The trait theory of leadership have few similarities with the previously discussed Great Man theories, it emphasizes on certain qualities that a leader possess. Those qualities are the factors that make a good leader and they are identified from the behavior and personalities of great leaders. The theory had limitations in explaining the fact what if any ordinary person possesses those qualities but he is not a leader.
The contingency theory of leadership has its focus on the specific environmental variables which determines the leadership style according to the circumstances. The theory emphasizes that there is no particular style of leadership which can suit in every situation so. the leaders have to be flexible in their style to tackle various situations. The situational theories of leadership emphasize on the choice of action by the leaders which best suits the present situation. Though different leadership styles can be more appropriate in a case of some specific decision makings.