Leadership Critical SelfReflection

We continued to win most of the matches for next one year after I was chosen as the captain. however, we failed to win even a single match when a new team was formed with some old players and mostly new players. After we lost about 5 matches at the inter-school level, I was asked to leave the captaincy, which left me utterly disappointed.
As a leader, it is important to achieve the desired results by inspiring followers. Leaders have the responsibility of motivating the followers to stay focused towards the goal and also to coach and guide them. This can be done only when leaders possess the necessary skills and capabilities related to a particular task. however, leaders’ coaching skills are also equally important. For effective coaching, leaders need patience, communication, connectedness, and strong interpersonal relationship with the team members. Certainly, I possess excellent skills pertaining to this game, such as gaining possession of the football, maintaining and releasing the ball. I was also good at positioning the players strategically that would help in scoring the goal. Ironically, the feedback that I received was quite surprising. My teammates told me that I did not give attention to what they had to say and did not entertain their inputs when making strategic decisions related to the game.&nbsp.Adopting situational leadership poses greater challenge in terms of how I behave at various times with different types of followers, which might show my personality as misleading if it is not congruent with my beliefs.&nbsp. Considering that my personality is authoritative, I will try to be more assertive and rational during my interaction with team members.&nbsp.I will listen more and express less in order to understand other perspectives and opinions.