Leadership in Teams

A team has to have a leader who will steer the group towards achieving its goals. According to the video in Dysfunctions of a team (Lencioni, 2013), a leader must instill trust among the team members so that individuals can offer their unique contributions to the success of the team. The speaker argues that the leaders should allow people to air their views and make decisions based on the ideas from the team members.

The importance of leadership in sustaining teamwork is not only essential in physical teams but also central to the stability of virtual teams. Since the team members are physically separated, the leaders play a vital role in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. The leadership of virtual teams is directly related to the performance of the team (Hoch &amp. Kozlowski, 2014). Despite the type of team developed by the organization, the team leader will always dictate how the team will perform in handling their mandate and responsibilities