Leadership Plan for Joan Involving Her Father as Advisor

Leadership is the most crucial position in any organization. As a leader, one should be able to identify the vision and goals of the organization and establish clear ways of accomplishing the goals. While in a leadership role one influences decisions and shows his relevance in the group. The leader should also be creative enough to solve arising problems in the organization. Joan with the leadership role as a manager of the firm is expected to lead the company in establishing ways of going green as the community expects. The leadership role is faced with a variety of challenges, as Joan is new in the position. In addition, there is much pressure on the company from the decision of going green, and the responsibility of the manager is to enforce the move. For these reasons, the incumbent should give results to convince management and employees that she is competent to office. If one in a leadership role gives results, they will get support from both management and employees. Due to this, any decisions made by the leader will enjoy the support from employees, therefore, establishing a better working relationship (Ciampa, &amp. Watkins, 1999).
In doing all the above, one in a leadership role should be able to understand and interpret the environment in which the business operates. Developing winning strategies is also a critical factor and executing them in a brilliant manner. Lastly, leadership role involves measuring the impact of policies established and adjusting them accordingly. It is also the mandate of individuals in leadership positions to develop organizationally, departmental, team and personal capabilities. As a leader, Joan should be able to understand and interpret the environment by identifying opportunities that should be the target of the action. In addition, she should be in a position to identify threats to the company before they materialize (Bolden, 2011).