Lean Operations Assignment

Value Stream vs Lean Value stream is a sequence of activities needed to plan, create, and provide a particular service along which, materials, information and worth flows. Lean thinking includes organizing operations into two or more separate value streams, each with its own production facilities and support resources.
2. Summary of performance metrics
Type of aircrafts
Boeing assembles focuses on producing aircrafts and jets. It is one of the largest selling aircraft industries in the world.
Production rate of boeing assemblies
The production rate is about 31.5% aircraft per month. The Renton plant focuses on lean manufacturing. Standard lean thinking calls for organizing operations into different value streams.
Customer order vs capacity
The production rate is influenced by demand from the customer. Customer orders that call for larger aircrafts makes the industry to design an aircraft similar to the customers demands. The capacity of the plane determines the number of equipments, time, labour and engineers required to finish the task.
Market shares and growth of the industry
The market if affected by customer demands and availability of equipments. The industry has grown to be one of the largest aircraft assembles in the world. Most customers prefer boeing as their choice of aircraft assembling.
Airline revenues and expenses
This industry gets its revenues from selling of the aircrafts and equipments. Some of their losses happen if issues like delay of equipments and lack of time occur.
Changes in air service
Major changes in the boieng industry include the introduction of small and more efficient machines that take less time to assemble the aircraft. Other changes include new decisions by enginners that create better airplanes for the future.
The future of boeing
It describes the changes that are still being designed to improve the future of aircrafts in boeing assembles
3. Summary of problems/issues faced by Boeing
The Issues that surround Boeing include delays in incoming materials, defective parts, assembling errors that are related to excessive number of parts, lack of repeatability and action tracker issues. Other issues include the consolidation process by engineers. Single line consolidation is complex and costly to engineers in terms of installing and maintaining. Another issue is the lack of a hard focus on value stream identity for dominant plane configurations and the customers. Another issue is mixing Line 1 and Line 2 in the same value streams. Accommodating many orders into a single assembly line can stretch out the average lead times.
4. Solutions and approaches to these issues
The author suggests that if the product line is manufactured in four modestly sized buildings, then enlarge one of them enough to accommodate all the products under one roof, then this prevents complexities that come along in single line.The author further states that Line 1 and Line 2 should be organized into separate value streams. Line 1 should be dedicated to high runner configuration and Line 2 to dogs and cats configurations so as to prioritize the customer orders. To reduce the issue of time and delays on incoming materials, ship action trackers should be installed to monitor the progress of shipping.
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