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The Americans public displays of affection are seen as liberated and rude in front of elders of Asian countries like the Philippines. It is in this way that false assumptions are made of cultural differences. While racism seeks to rationally and consciously oust different ethnicities, ethnocentrism is created by enculturation (Patterson 2005). A great disparity occurs because of the presence of ethnocentrism in the minds of individuals. With it comes improper deliverance of health care facilities to members of different races and ethnicities. Health workers, community members and policies are all affected by ethnocentrism which prevents individuals from getting the full benefits of a health care program. Despite all of this, there have been universal standards of right and wrong that are introduced and prevalent in the world today. The ideas of a superior white race during America’s colonial times have been replaced with equal systems being created for whites and blacks alike. Thus, with time come change and a greater acceptance of different cultures.
2. There are certain health care jobs that each federal and state government is responsible for providing to the citizens of their country. This includes basic ideas like protecting the health and safety of every individual. The physical and mental health of each citizen has to be recognized and acknowledged through providence of proper food and nutrition along with controlling of diseases and providing for the elderly. But it also includes the measures that must be taken to protect the health of citizens during disasters. This includes providing and realizing the basic health care needs of each individual in a disaster hit area and providing relief medicine and goods accordingly.
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5. Medicare refers to a social insurance program that is set up by the United States government to provide for the coverage of health insurance to any citizen over the age of sixty five or those who meet the special criteria (Medicare Rights Centre). Operating under a single fund, the doctors and expenses of this insurance program are all funded by the government itself.
6. Medicare is a perfect example of a health policy provided for by a single payer: in this case the government. Thus, living up to the ideals of social liberalism, Medicare provides equally for the patients who fit the required needs.
7. The presence of health care provided according to income is ample proof of an economic liberalism that exists in the United States
Module 5
Allied health professionals provide a varied and diverse number of services. The education sought by each of these doctors, the degree of autonomy they have been allowed by the medical establishment that employs them and the regulations that have been set out to control their practices are all varied and different from professional to professional. However, there are a number of similarities between them. Emerging from the same history and evolutionary path, the creation of the autonomy is distinctly similar.
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